Telehealth Solution

Video Telehealth and
Remote Monitoring

Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
while reducing costs.

Your patients will thank you

Will grow your organization and improve patient care.

Easy to implement

As a SaaS (Software as a service) no hardware or special equipment is required.

Multiple specialties supported

MyRemoteDr provides multiple benefits to healthcare specialties.

Remote monitoring

Patient monitoring that is configurable to the patient and their existing chronic care profile.


Compatible with any smartphone, intelligent device or computer.

Virtual visits - video telehealth

Face to face medical consultations via video telehealth as a convenient alternative to in-clinic appointments.

Patient education and motivation

Provides targeted multimedia educational instruction and motivation messaging.

Population Health Management (PHM)

Monitoring of large healthcare populations to acquire actionable insight
into what is happening with the community

Provides a comprehensive clinical snapshot so that healthcare providers can track large at-risk cohorts in a organized and scalable solution.

MyRemoteDr will help care, monitor, educate and motivate your patients improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.